Workshop 1: AURAS

What We Can See and What We Can Measure

Part 1: How to See and Read Auras

  • Scientific understanding of Auras
  • Developing Aura sight
  • Concentration techniques
  • Why everybody should practice to see and read Auras
  • How to see your own Aura
  • Meaning of the Aura and its colors
  • Amplifying your Aura vibration
  • Matching your Aura with the environment
  • Current Aura technology

Most participants begin to SEE Auras during this exciting practical workshop.

Part 2: Aura Diagnostics

  • Encoding of conscious information in the Aura
  • Principles of electro-photonics
  • Diagnostic principles - Russian (Korotkov) and Brazilian (Milhomens) approach
  • Applications in physiology and psychology
  • Observing changes to human state
  • Discussion & comparison of different cases
  • Improving and controlling your Aura and bio-energy

Kirlian Effect is a visible glow to pulsed electrical field excitation. Electro-photonic aura contains information that allows analysis of human state, including diagnostics.

All participants receive their unique bio-electrograms, together with instructions on how to extract information about their health and personality. Comprehensive written notes are included with this workshop.