Healing and Consciousness

Workshop 3: Healing & Consciousness Part 1: Self HealingMaximize Your Natural Healing Abilities Exploring the limits of healing Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual aspects of healing Role of Aura, bio-energy and chakras Getting control over all functions of the body Detoxification Conscious accelerating of healing processes Performing so-called miracles is simply using the KNOWLEDGE Part 2: […]

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Meditation and concentration

Workshop 2: Meditation & Concentration Differences between meditation and concentration Benefits of each practice Role in health and conscious development Learn and try out ancient and the latest techniques Reduce stress, tension and tiredness Become more focused and centered Expand your awareness Changes in electro-photonic Aura around human fingertip during meditation and concentration. These changes […]

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Aura workshop

Workshop 1: AURAS What We Can See and What We Can Measure Part 1: How to See and Read Auras Scientific understanding of Auras Developing Aura sight Concentration techniques Why everybody should practice to see and read Auras How to see your own Aura Meaning of the Aura and its colors Amplifying your Aura vibration […]

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